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Sanskrit translation exercise 1 Dhūmāvatī dhyānam

By 37ftcsite on May 21, 2019 in mantra yoga

Dhūmāvatī dhyānam
(line 11131 ): vivarṇā cañcalā duṣṭā dīrgghā ca malināmbarā |
(line 11132 ): vimuktakuntalā rūkṣā vidhavā viraladvijā ||
vivarṇā = colourless, pale
cañcalā = trembling
duṣṭā = tainted, very dissolute
dīrgghā = tall
ca malināmbarā = blackness, impurity Cloth, garment, clothing, apparel, dress 
vimukta kuntalā = losed hair of the head
rūkṣā = dry
vidhava = widow
aviraladvijā = trembling continuous

“She is pale and fickle, angry, of high stature and wears dirty clothes. Her hair is dishevelled. The widow is rough and has intermittent teeth.”
c.f. “Transformations and Transfer of Tantra in Asia and Beyond” Ed. István Keul p.173 (v. https://play.google.com/store/books/details?id=38gxbEft3-4C&rdid=book-38gxbEft3-4C)

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