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Mandala significance as Sanskrit word

By 37ftcsite on June 5, 2019 in mantra yoga

Mandala (maṇḍala) meaning


and reference to “circular” form of most important thangka (tib.ཐང་ཀ་ )


id: 1879 – sanskrit: मण्डलीकृत – translation: मण्डलीकृत [maṇḍalīkṛta], p. p. Rounded, made circular, formed into a globe or circle. Bent, curved (as a bow).
id: 3055 – sanskrit: मण्डलित – translation: मण्डलित [maṇḍalita], a. Rounded, made round or circular.
id: 3845 – sanskrit: मण्डल – translation: मण्डल [maṇḍala], a. [मण्ड्-कलच्] Round, circular; मण्डलाग्रा बृसीश्चैव गृहान्याः पृष्ठतो ययुः Rām.5.18.12. लः circular array of troops. A dog. A kind of snake.
id: 5663 – sanskrit: परिमण्डल – translation: परिमण्डल [parimaṇḍala], a. Globular, round, circular. Of the measure of an atom.
id: 7870 – sanskrit: कमण्डलु – translation: कमण्डलुः [kamaṇḍaluḥ] लु [lu], लु n., लू f. A water-pot (earthen or wooden) used by ascetics; कमण्डलूपमोऽमात्यस्तनुत्यागो बहुग्रहः H.2.89. कमण्डलुनोदकम् सिक्त्वा; Ms.2.64; Y.1.133.-Comp. -तरुः the tree of which Kamanḍalus are made. -धरः an epithet of Śiva. कमण्डलुधराय धीमहि Māhānār.2.18.
id: 7973 – sanskrit: मण्डलयति – translation: मण्डलयति [maṇḍalayati], Den. P. To make round or circular, form into a globe or circle. To turn or whirl round; नानागतिर्मण्डलयन् जवेन Ki.16.44.
id: 11704 – sanskrit: मण्डलीकृ – translation: मण्डलीकृ [maṇḍalīkṛ], 8 U. To form into a ring or circle, to coil round.
id: 11993 – sanskrit: मण्डलीकरणम् – translation: मण्डलीकरणम् [maṇḍalīkaraṇam], Rounding, coiling.
id: 24337 – sanskrit: कामण्डलुक – translation: कामण्डलुक [kāmaṇḍaluka], a. (A pearl) shaped like a कमण्डलु; Kau. A.2.11.
id: 27130 – sanskrit: मण्डलायते – translation: मण्डलायते [maṇḍalāyatē], Den. Ā. To form oneself into a circle, to coil oneself.
id: 34341 – sanskrit: मण्डलकम् – translation: मण्डलकम् [maṇḍalakam], 1 A circle. A disc. A district, province. A group, collection. A circular array of troops. White leprosy with round spots. A mirror. A kind of pose of an archer. A circle with lines drawn for magical incantations. -कः A dog.
id: 35276 – sanskrit: उन्मण्डलम् – translation: उन्मण्डलम् [unmaṇḍalam], An imaginery circle going from South to North and meant for measuring the day; the east and west circle; Sūrya.
id: 35485 – sanskrit: परिमण्डलय् – translation: परिमण्डलय् [parimaṇḍalay], denom. To besiege; ततस्तु तस्य सैन्यानि परसैन्येन पालितौ । पर्यमण्डलयंश्छैलाबुभौ चन्दनवन्दनौ ॥ Śiva B.23.52.
id: 35529 – sanskrit: आविर्मण्डल – translation: आविर्मण्डल [āvirmaṇḍala], a. Manifesting the form of a circle; विधुवति धनुराविर्मण्डलं पाण्डुसूनौ Ki.14.65.
id: 37633 – sanskrit: मण्डलीक – translation: मण्डलीकः [maṇḍalīkḥ], A tributary king; तेजो निजं मुकुलयन्ति च मण्डलीकाः Kīr. K.2.111.
id: 38357 – sanskrit: मण्डलीभू – translation: मण्डलीभू [maṇḍalībhū], 1 P. To become round. To form a globe or circle.
id: 38871 – sanskrit: मण्डलिका – translation: मण्डलिका [maṇḍalikā], a group, troop, band, crowd.
id: 40134 – sanskrit: मण्डलायित – translation: मण्डलायित [maṇḍalāyita], a. Round, circular. -तम् A ball, globe.
id: 42722 – sanskrit: मण्डलिन् – translation: मण्डलिन् [maṇḍalin], a. [मण्डल-इनि] Forming a circle, made up into a coil; बाता मण्डलिनस्तीव्रा व्यपसव्यं प्रचक्रमुः Rām.6. 17.21. Ruling a country. -m.

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